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When the time comes for this season’s Italian Cup final, it will be the fourth time that Inter and Roma meet in a cup final within a space of 24 months.


Since 2004/05, they competed twice in the Coppa Italia finals and one Supercoppa, with Inter winning every time.


2005 Coppa Italia Inter 2-0, 1-0 Roma

2006 Coppa Italia Inter 1-1, 3-1 Roma

2006 Supercoppa Inter 4-3 Roma

2007 Coppa Italia Inter ? Roma


Real’s players call for Becks


Beckham should be reinstated in Real Madrid’s team. This is what the players and most of the media believe. After the former England’s Togel Online captain announced he was leaving for MLS at the end of the season, Fabio Capello stepped up and, quite irrationally, claimed he did not believe he could count with Becks’ commitment seeing he had such a profitable contract ahead of him.


Among those who advocate Beckham’s return to a limping Real’s team are the veterans, Raúl and Guti.


“As long as he is Real’s player, he will try to give his best”, said the skipper Raúl, while the vice-captain Guti added that “Beckham deserves the utmost respect from everybody. It is best for the club that everyone available participate and specially such an important player as Beckham.”


Iker Casillas and Michel Salgado expressed their agreement with their pals’ opinion.

In the meantime, Beckham costs Real 56,849 euros per day and 8,3 million for the whole period from mid-January until the end of June.



Hacker doctors Red Star’s home page


An unknown hacker, probably a Partizan Belgrade fan, skilfully rearranged the official home page of hated rivals, Red Star Belgrade.


Last weekend an unknown person published several sensational pieces of news on the site’s front page, including “Red Star to go bankrupt”.


“The directors will take all the money, Marakana Stadium will be sold to Partizan and Zdravko Colic will be the interim receiver”, continued the hacker, “naming” the superpopular singer, a sort of the Yugoslav Cliff Richard, as the provisional liquidator.


It took almost all day for the Red Star programmers to repair the hacked page, and the perpetrator is being searched for by the cyber police.


Veronica demands Berlusconi to apologize in public



His quick tongue and an eye for women cost Silvio Berlusconi another public disgrace. His wife Veronica sent an open letter to La Repubblica asking the former Prime Minister to apologize for flirting with other women in public.


“Let him apologize to me publicly, since he failed to do it in person,” wrote Veronica Berlusconi.


Milan’s chairman said to tv-starlet and dancer Mara Carfagna “if I were not married, I would marry you right away” and told model Aida Yespica he would “accompany her to any place in the world.”


The tycoon eventually did apologize: “Please, forgive me. It has been a tempestuous period for me, but it will come to an end.”



Leo Messi denounced for fighting


The Argentinian wonderboy Lionel Messi is getting ready to return to action three months after suffering a broken foot, but it is rumoured he was naughty during recovery back home in Rosario.


Misdemeanour charges were brought against him in his native city after taking part in an alleged fight and causing damage in a Rosario bar. There Messi had a drink with his pals, Newell’s Old Boys’ fans, and was provoked by another group of Rosario Central followers.


According to a waitress, a fight supposedly took place after someone insulted Messi, a former Boys’ junior.


A Rosario judge rejected the charges on grounds of insufficient evidence, while Messi’s father claims there’s a “conspiracy” to hurt his son’s reputation.


Support for Ronaldinho’s international holiday


Ronaldinho Gaúcho has asked to be spared from international duty over the next few months, notably from the Copa América to take place this summer in Venezuela.


The continuous commitment with Barcelona and Brazil has taken its toll on the world’s most attractive footballer and he believes he needs a few month’s rest to avoid a burnout that apparently hurt his colleague Ronaldo’s career.


Apparently, some people who know him best concur with him.


“Ronaldinho is exhausted because he has been the best player in the world over the past four years. Now it’s the time for others to step in and carry the burden. It is not as if though he should always be the responsible for Brazil’s play,” said Luiz Felipe Scolari, who coached Ronaldinho and his mates to the 2002 World Cup victory.


“He indeed should get some time to recover. He is not a machine but a precious jewel with which one must deal with cautiously,” added his Barca mate Edmilson.


No doubt, Barcelona’s directors and coaches would be overjoyed should their star miss out on the South-American Championship, because the currently tired Ronaldinho is not playing the soccer he has got us used to.