The history of BMW 1500

In the 1950s,there were all old box cars or mini-car in the market.Meanwhile,Bmw had a inspiration to manufature a stylish dynamic five medium-sized four-door sedan.At that time,Bmw was just a small company and even had no enough money to afford any failures.Thus,there was s project that considers about the consumers level in West Europe and decided to produce an ordinary family sedan with 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine equipped .

However,The project was rejected strongly by the well know designer Alex Baron von Falkenhausen.He said: A new car not only can accommodate five occupants of the utility, but also should have dynamics and agility of a sports car handling.Finally the board accepted a 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine and four-door sports car chassis design. It is because this contribution , Falkenhausen became the father of the modern BMW sedans.Then, he personally presided over the 1.5-liter engine design, this engine maximum power is 80 horsepower, giving the BMW 1500 great sport features- that is the predecessor of the Bmw 5 series.

The shape of BMW 1500 was designed by Italian designer Celotti and influenced by the North American pioneer of automotive design schools.with the chiseled sedan model, extensively use of the level of simple smooth lines, sharp front line brings the same level of impact of a sense of sharks.All of these elemts come together hinted that the BMW brand image features.

Miqieluodi also against all the odds, to retain the productive sectors that have shaped grille design obsolete kidneys, because it is the first designed of Bmw.Today, this design became the BMW brand of “family emblem.”

BMW 1500  debut on Frankfurt Motor Show in 1961. As the market has not had this type of both four-door sedans and sports utility vehicle agility,Therefore it is called the “new class” car.”New class” not only saved a BMW car, BMW is more to the European one well-known automobile manufacturers. To commemorate the “new class” cars and four-cylinder engine to create a miracle, BMW’s new headquarters is designed cylinder shape.

BMW M3 has been booked out

According to the latest report from Topspeed,Bmw motorsport department states that the places of bmw M3 GTS have been booked out.The first new car will be formally delivered in May of this year and M3 price up to 115,000 euros.So there is no surprise aht the  tempting M3 GTS sold out in advance .

Dr. Kay Segler said,the great enthusiasm of comsumers to M3 GTS make him excited and surprise.BMW M3 GTS using lightweight structural design, aerodynamic package has been adjusted to increase the high-speed power V8 engine, suspension circuit technology to meet the demands of competition, which make M3 GTS into becomes the top-level version of the M3.M3 GTS vehicle weight of only 1490 kilograms, lighter than the regular M3 Coupe.Equipped with 4.4-liter V8 engine, maximum power of 450 hp, equipped with seven-speed M double-clutch gearbox. If you want to know about bmw m performance, check out here.