Not long ago, I wrote a post here about Ultimate Bet. They totally screwed me on a tourney buy-in and I withdrew my roll.


After a good time away, I was lured back by the soft MTTs. Now they’ve done it again. If any of you, dear readers, put any real money into a Ultimate Bet account you are a fool. Just like me.

Tonight Otis and I bought into a $30+3 tourney. Both of us wasted more than an hour, then we both got screwed.

After an hour, my table froze. Not my connection, mind you, but MY sbo table. Every other table in the tournament still ran. I freaked out and contacted what UB likes to call “customer support”. Its a very silly name. They aren’t CUSTOMERS and…

Later, other tables, one by one, began to freeze. In other tourneys, players who had invested HOURS to reach a final table, were booted from the game and frozen. All of us contacted support, while the cash games and SNGS kept running. They were still registering players for upcoming MTTs. SUCKERS!

In the 11PM tourney, players weren’t frozen. Instead, they have no break. And the blinds DO NOT INCREASE! They’ve been playing 20-40 blinds for over an hour.

Here’s the previous post BAIT AND SWITCH

Meanwhile, I WILL NEVER USE UB AGAIN. If you play at UB, when there are SO MANY OTHER SECURE SITES WITH SUPPORT, you’re a damn fool.


At 7:30 PM THE NEXT DAY….still no refunds for any of the players. They’ve stolen all the money.


Dear G,

Thank you for contacting us.

First and foremost we do apologize for the inconvenience this situation

has caused for you. Our system has gone through issues of a technical

nature which we are working to resolve.

According to our records, your account has been credited as follows:

02:44:33 AM EST 08/31/2005 Refund RealMoney 60.50 TID 77080 buy-in

refund and chip equity.:Done on Admin Page

Once again, please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,


Customer Service Department.

So, after 36 hours, the problem appears to have been resolved. They’ve refunded my buyin and made up for the “chip equity”, which is nice. Still, I’m VERY disappointed in 2 things :

1) This site seems to have technical problems FAR more often than most others.

2) Customer service should be LIVE. There is NO excuse for a company with this much profit margin not extending 24 live service, especially since the other sites offer it.

I’m still finished with UB, and I’m quite certain I speak for Otis as well.