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Troubleshooting and tips


All device components are tested before shipping. However, it seldom happens that part of the e-cigarette does not work properly due to the rough transport of the post office or other circumstances.

Here are a few tips to quickly and easily solve a problem.


Liquid in the mouth:

If you get liquid in your mouth, it is usually because you draw too hard and too jerkily as with a normal cigarette.

An e-cigarette has to be smoked a little differently than a conventional cigarette. However, you immediately get the hang of it.

Pull the e-cigarette calmly and calmly. Smokers who smoke conventional cigarettes hectically and in the shortest possible time will always have the problem of poor smoke development and fluid in their mouths.

Change your smoking habits a little and enjoy the e-cigarette. You will have a lot of pleasure, good taste from the e-cigarette and you will smoke even healthier and cheaper.


Pull the e-cigarette evenly and not too hard for 2-3 seconds.

Sudden sucking can cause you to get some liquid in your mouth.

The liquid doesn’t taste very good, but it is absolutely harmless. Just rinse your mouth with a little water and the taste will go away.

Do not draw harder or more often than with a conventional cigarette.

IMPORTANT: The depot must always be firmly attached, there must be no space between the depot and the atomizer.


It tastes slightly burnt when I pull. The

main reason for this is either that the depot is empty or is not attached firmly enough so that the atomizer does not receive any liquid. After attaching a new depot, wait approx. 1-2 minutes so that the liquid can reach the vaporizer. Failure to do so can cause the atomizer to burn out and taste slightly burnt.


A battery or an atomizer does not work properly

Do the cross test, swap batteries and atomizer with each other to find out whether it is due to a battery or an atomizer.

Make sure that the batteries are fully charged and that a fresh depot is put on.


The battery cannot be charged.

Screw the battery into the USB charger and plug it into your USB port on the PC or into the supplied 220V charger and into the socket.

The light on the battery must be lit until the battery is charged.

Do not screw in the battery too hard, only until the light on the battery lights up when the charger is connected to the power supply.


Cleaning the atomizer / vaporizer Only clean Snus Nicotine

the vaporizer if you feel it is clogged or something similar.

How to clean it by hand: Put the vaporizer in water with vinegar 50/50 for 2-3 hours to clean it. It is best to dry it with a hair dryer, after which it should work properly again.



If possible, the e-cigarette should always be transported in such a way that the mouthpiece points downwards or horizontally so that no unnecessary liquid runs into the atomizer.


All defective products are easily exchanged.