Diamond Painting VS Paint with Numbers: What Is Better?

Diamond Painting

This relatively new kind of art uses diamond drills, which are small, shiny stones made from artificial materials. It is a cross between paint with numbers and cross stitching, and the artist places the diamonds on a canvas in prearranged spots. Each diamond drill is a different color, and where each color should go is already marked out on the canvas.

Using a specialized stylus pen and some adhesive, the artist picks up the diamond drills and places them in appropriate spots on the canvas. Once the colorful diamonds are all in their place, an incredible picture is made. It looks like pixel art, as it is a larger piece made out of much smaller pieces.


A Hobby on Fire

Diamond painting has really taken off the last few years, becoming a choice hobby for many people of all ages and skill levels. It has gained popularity quickly due to how easy it is to pick up and learn. There are an endless number of canvases to chose from, so consumers are free to pick one that they like and express themselves through it. They can even order custom made diamond paintings that use personal photographs.

Everything Is Included

Diamond painting is a very new idea for many people, and most artists would not know where to start with this kind of craft. They would not know what to buy and what it involves putting together a diamond painting. It is fortunate, then, that the diamond painting kits that come with each diamond painting canvas come with everything necessary to create each picture.


The kits will usually have the canvas, of course, as well as all the colored diamond drills to assemble the painting. The kits also come with a diamond drill pen, sticky wax, a sorting tray, and instructions. There are other tools and art paraphernalia that some people might like to get to enhance their diamond painting experiences, but what is included in the diamond painting kit is all that is absolutely necessary. More about Diamond Painting

3D or 5D Diamond Painting?

When you start to look for diamond painting kits and canvases, you may come across a few varieties of diamond paintings. Some will be listed as 3D diamond paintings and others will boast of offering a 5D experience. What’s the difference?

Most diamond paints are 3D, and that simply means that the diamond drills have nine facets or edges, with three facets on each side. The 5D diamond drills are designed with fifteen facets, with five one ach side. This produces a sparkly effect that is even shinier and more spectacular than the 3D diamonds. That’s the only difference, really. They simply have a different appearance from one another, and the incredible sparkly qualities of the 5D diamond paintings can make them more desirable for some hobbyists.

Paint with Numbers Explained


What about paint with numbers? What does that involve?


Like diamond painting, when you use paint with numbers kits, you are following a set of instructions. There are particular spots on the canvas that you are supposed to use specific colors of paint. When comparing diamond painting and paint with numbers, the most striking similarity is how color is applied.


Painting with numbers is a type of craft or painting method that has been around for many years at this point. Most people are familiar with it and have probably completed a paint by numbers picture when they were a child. These are inexpensive kits that are easy to find in retail stores and that come in quite a few varieties.